IT Finance

The Business of Information Technology

With seven years experience as the business manager for two enterprise class (200 - 500 IT staff) technology operations, I understand the business side of an IT shop.

If you think that making a profit is hard, it’s an order of magnitude more difficult to break even. Why is that? Because if you want to earn profits, you do not get “beaten up” if you make too much money.

If you’re trying to break even, you lose both ways:- you’re inefficient if you lose money and you’re greedy if you make money. Make zero and you’re a hero. Weird, but true.

In addition to good business judgement, you have to be an expert in customer relations, marketing, costing, pricing, zero-based budgeting and chargeback methodologies.

Writing and presenting great budgets and business cases goes with the territory. Negotiating with customers, vendors and senior management is an essential component of success.

To succeed as the business manager in IT, you have to understand and speak both the technical language of the computer technology groups, and also be able to communicate successfully with corporate and business executives. If you need help with the business side of IT, call me Barry at (800) 661-9842 or contact me by email.