You’re looking for a business consultant, so... What problems are you trying to solve?

As a local BC small business consulting firm, we help small and medium sized businesses like yours solve business problems. Barry is an expert business consultant with over 20 years experience and delighted clients.

Just as there are two sides to every story, there are usually two (or more) general areas to look at when you have a business problem you’re trying to solve. Which of these areas are you concerned about?

Problems Possible Solutions
Profitability Sales
Efficiency Business Processes
Information Technology
Resources General Management
Project Management
Accounting Computer Systems
Business Processes
Information Accounting Systems
Effective Reporting

To get started on solving the problem, call Barry at (800) 661-9842 to see how he can help. This initial work will let you see what’s working right in your business, and which areas are leaking profits away. Remember, we don’t cost you money.

We make you money.

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