*&%$* Computer Systems

Love 'em or loath 'em

If you like computer systems you're probably comfortable with technology. You may be in a technology business or you're a modernist who appreciates the value of efficiency.

To most business owners. computers are a necessary evil. They're just a cost of doing business.

I'm an accountant, not a bean counter, so I understand the difference between cost and value. In most cases, the computers themselves (the hardware and infrastructure) cost you. The proper software and business processes should add value to the business. If you don't think you're getting value, call me for a checkup.

I ran a computer software company for 8 years, so I understand the technology and can talk to techies in the language that they understand. I also talk the language of business, so I can ensure that the technology adds value to the operation.

It can be surprising how the costs of similar systems can vary. With smaller systems (under $20,000), there's not much room for negotiation. As the price goes up, it's harder to compare systems, but the price is often more flexible. If you're about to invest in new systems or infrastructure, call me to see how I can help your investment really pay off. (Also, check out the page on RFPs)